Transformation Thursday | Before + After Beauty Shoot with Catherine

"We have beautiful photos of both my husband and daughter hanging in our hallway but not one of me. Why? Because I hate having my photo taken! I am also super critical of myself in any photos that are taken so most get deleted.  

I decided that it was time to deal with this and step out of my comfort zone, mainly for myself but also for my daughter. I don't want her growing up with the same issues. 

I had seen Alex's work via social media as a couple of my friends had also had photo shoots. Both had very positive things to say about the experience so I was brave and sent an email! Alex made me feel at ease from the start. 

I was hopeful but not completely confident that I would finally have one picture that I could be proud of, so when Alex showed me the first picture that she had taken and I not only liked it but LOVED it, I have to admit to shedding a tear! It was a mixture of emotions; relief, happiness and pride...I had done it! By the end of the session I had a whole bunch of photos that I loved. I also know that whenever anyone takes my photo in the future I'm going to hear Alex in my ear saying 'Chin forward and now down!'

The whole experience has really boosted my confidence!"

When Catherine first e-mailed me with her story, I couldn't help but feel that thousands of women could relate with her. How many of us have photos of the ones we love hanging on our walls, but none of us? How many of us are over critical of ourselves but are terrified of passing on those same beliefs on to our daughters? I knew I had to photograph her and prove to her that she IS beautiful, to give her back her self confidence, and to give her a stunning photograph of herself (or several of them!) that she and her loved ones will cherish for years and generations to come. 

Catherine was slightly nervous when she arrived, like most of my clients are during the first 15-20 minutes of their shoot. I actually secretly love when my clients are nervous, because I know that means there is a HUGE amount of room for a very powerful transformation to occur. I had no idea that she would start crying when I showed her the first image we took on the back of the camera screen to assure her that she looked fabulous; that was definitely a first for me! It was so sweet, though, and we took a few moments to calm down because I teared up too! 

Here are some of my favorites from Catherine's Beauty Session. 


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