Before and Afters and Why I Love Them | Amsterdam Boudoir Photographer

Alright, ladies, who's with me? When you see a beautiful photograph, your thoughts go like this: "Ohh wow that's so beautiful! I would love to do something like this. But wait, I'm not that pretty. It probably wouldn't turn out that well."

I'm here to tell you: you're wrong. And, most importantly, I'm here to SHOW you you're wrong.

I take a 'before' photograph of each of my clients when they first walk in before we get started with hair and makeup (if I remember, haha, sometimes they have to remind me!). The goal is not to make them look bad to make our result look better. It's best to keep it very simple. I like to just use natural light and whatever clothes the client is wearing when they show up to the studio. 

When I take a before and after, I simply wish to document the transformation that we go through and especially to show that ANY woman can do this. You don't have to be a super model, you don't have to have "the perfect body" (What is that, anyway?). You just have to trust me to guide you and be brave enough to step in front of my camera. You are enough already. You are beautiful already. 

These Before + After images prove my point, I think. Each and every one of them is beautiful in the 'before' photo. The 'after' is just us having fun!

I will leave you with a Before + After of yours truly. You can see more Before + After shots in the Before + After Gallery! Thank you to everyone who lets me share their Before + After! You are helping me show that all women have it in them to do this if they really want to, and I really appreciate that.

And then e-mail me at when you are ready to book your own shoot! ;)